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Start new year with new kitchen

Martha Taylor-Brown |
The craziest night is behind us and now it's time to think about redecorating your kitchen for 2020. Why? Beacuse it's easy and it's fun.

a href="" rel="lightbox">Go double on the islands! Whether the islands are identical or not having two is the key. Expanding a kitchen’s appeal is excellent for those that want to use their kitchen for more than just cooking. Which is where having a double island will come into play. Having double islands is great for those that want to add an area to eat, sit or do both. Additionally, you might want to consider having another sink on that island, to truly make the room come to life.

Use an unexpected color! Color has always been a good idea, but not just any kind of color, but the unexpected kind. Though we have always focused and loved the idea of having color displayed throughout, we love this concept even more. It’s about incorporating color on regular appliances, this will refresh the area while giving you the most used bits a special and custom look. It’s the idea of having your area bright and airy that truly embraces the room’s aesthetic.

Classic decor will always be a statement. But this time it’s getting an upgraded twist, the twist being glamour. While last year it was all about adding modern bits, this time it’s all on having a glamorous touch. Work on upgrading your light fixtures and going for a charming hint that makes sense to the room overall. Furthermore, you can almost say adding a touch of glamour will immediately freshen up the room overall.

Go blue! Why blue? Because it looks cool and because you won't have to change it when the summer comes. Navy is coming in strong for the kitchen, whether you display it on the walls or paint your cabinets it is completely up to you. Furthermore, you could do both, or embrace navy in multiple different finishes such as matte, silk or luminous. Whatever you do, go bold and use large surfaces, leaving small surfaces and details to add that additional touch.

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