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Tables with batteries, fire and soul

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Tables are a perfect example how everyday objects can be transformed in pieces that will embellish your space. Some of them are elegant, some are burning, some have batteries... but all of them are art statements.

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Stiletto by Splinter Works is a nice and unusual table inspired by elegant curves of women shoes. The table features a sky-high heel as one of its legs, made by hand from walnut. The bottom side of the table is finished in polished red acrylic, paying respect to true shoe master, Christian Louboutin, and his red-soled, high-end, high-heeled shoes. The tabletop is finished in the choice of inlaid leather or French Burr Walnut veneer, going all the way from the curved top down to its second leg.

Now, while we are at innovative designs, Roche Bobois has something for you: Astrolab dining table. With beautifully polished aluminum legs and a glass plate top, it sounds nice, indeed, but it's not just another steel-and-glass table: it has as motorized cog mechanism which reveals two 40 centimeters long extensions. The mechanism is battery operated, remote controlled, and since all gears are visible it has a retro personality. Astrolab is also available in a coffee table version.

If you really, really want a modern table, well, it's time to take a look at an acrylic Oste Table by Colico Design. The shape is not revolutionary but it is made with modern material. The table is very light on eye and it will fit nicely any smaller space or a room with already prominent focal points. Light bounces off of it, giving it a bright and delicate personality. And yes, it's in fact larger than it looks, an ideal table for a group of modern frends.

If you are on the opposite side and like harder things, granite fire table Vesta by Stone Forest might be the real deal for you. It was meant to be use outdoor but there's no doubt that it will find its places inside, especially if the owner is an eco-fan. A grey polished granite slab with chiseled sides, carved by hand, sits a top a stainless steel base. The table is industrial, heavy and majestic. Each one is different since each one is carved by hand. Oh, yes, it has a fireplace built in!

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