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Turnover in Slovakia increased

Christian Fernsby |
Turnover in Slovakia increased, month-on-month, in accommodation 5%, food and beverage service activities 2,5% and in retail trade 1,6%.

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Prices decreased in sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 3% and in wholesale 1,7%.

In June, turnover in sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles decreased, year-on-year, for the first time since the beginning of year.

It dropped 0,9% affected a fall in repair and maintenance of motor vehicles 2%, turnover in sale of motor vehicles remained unchanged, year-on-year.

Turnover rose only in sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories 1,3%.

Turnover in wholesale decreased the second month in a row after a long-term growth.

In June 2019, it dropped, year-on-year, 5% in total.

A fall was recorded in most activities, of which most considerably in wholesale of ICT equipment 28,6%, other specialized wholesale 5,9% and non-specialized wholesale 8,7%.

An increase was only in wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals, wholesale of household goods and wholesale on a fee or contract basis.

Turnover in retail trade decreased, year-on-year, 0,4%.

The development was affected lower turnover in retail sale in non-specialized stores 3,3% and in retail sale of ICT equipment in specialized stores 9,3%.

Higher turnover were recorded, year-on-year, mostly in retail sale of goods for recreation and culture and in retail sale of other household goods in specialized stores.

Turnover in accommodation increased 8,8% in comparison with the corresponding period last year.

Turnover in food and beverage service activities was higher 22%.

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