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Saving Singapore water: Sale of zero-tick washing machines to stop

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With effect from April 1, 2014, only washing machines with one or more ticks are permitted for sale in stores in Singapore. Showers and washing in the kitchen sink top the chart as the two most water-consuming activities at home at 29% and 22%, respectively.

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PUB, the Singapore national water agency, is increasing its efforts on water conservation as it moves to encourage more water-efficient household water appliances under the Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MWELS). Moving forward, PUB intends to raise the minimum requirement for washing machines from one tick to two ticks in 2015.

The more ticks a product has, the more water efficient it is. A one-tick washing machine can save 81 litres of water per wash for a 7kg laundry load. Those with two and three ticks can save 102 litres and 112 litres of water, respectively. Sales of three-tick washing machines have increased by 17% from 55,174 in 2011 to 79,309 in 2013.

"Laundry is the third most water-consuming activity at home and accounts for 19% of an average family's monthly water consumption. PUB has been working with suppliers and retailers to provide clear labelling to indicate the water efficiency of every washing machine. This will help consumers to make an informed choice when buying one," said Chong Hou Chun, director of Water Supply Network at PUB.

Before 1 April 2014, washing machines and other water appliances sold in Singapore carry a water efficiency label ranging from zero to three ticks.

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