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New earthquakes hit Croatian capital Zagreb

Christian Fernsby |
At about 9.50 am, Croatian capital Zagreb shook again, a month and a day after the 5.3 devastating earthquake.

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The earthquake was also recorded by the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center. The European Seismological Center reports that the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.5 degrees on the Richter scale and occurred at a depth of 2 km.

A minute before 10am, there was another slightly weaker earthquake.

Since Sunday March 22, Zagreb was hit more than 1,000 earthquakes, most of them were weak and were only recorded by the very sensitive instruments, but most citizens felt about 150 earthquakes.

No damages were reported so far.

The second earthquake was magnitude 2.3 and was felt in the epicentral area and northern part of Zagreb.

And then another earthquake occured, about magnitude 1.

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