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40,000 citizens signed petition against enormous natural gas project GNL Quebec

Christian Fernsby |
A petition against the GNL Québec project has been signed by over 40,000 citizens from across Quebec, Canada.

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Citizen and environmental groups want to make GNL Québec, an enormous project to transport and liquefy fossil natural gas, a pivotal issue in the federal election.

The GNL Québec project, which seeks to export natural gas from Western Canada to European and Asian markets, involves the construction of a 780-km pipeline across Quebec, from Abitibi to the Saguenay Fjord.

It also includes construction of the Énergie Saguenay plant, where the gas transported through the pipeline would be liquefied before being transported via supertanker through the St. Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean.

These ships would cross the only area in the St. Lawrence that is protected for belugas, as well as major feeding grounds for the blue whale and other endangered species.

Because the impacts of this project are under federal jurisdiction, it's important for all political parties to take a stance on the project, say the citizen and environmental groups, who are also working to inform politicians about the issues.

The GNL Québec project would put Canada even further behind in its efforts to

reach its Paris Agreement target, as it would generate 7.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) per year (and that’s only considering the impacts of the extraction, pipeline and liquefaction of the gas).

The year-round passage of about 160 supertankers in the Saguenay Fjord would threaten the survival of the St. Lawrence beluga, a designated species under the Species at Risk Act (SARA).

The project also raises significant issues involving the consent of Indigenous communities affected by the pipeline route.

The groups are also highlighting that the next federal government will have to make decisions about the GNL Québec project’s acceptability in terms of the various federal assessment processes for both components (the Gazoduq pipeline and the Énergie Saguenay liquefaction plant).

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