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Brazil increased poultry exports 13.8% in H1

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Brazilian exports of poultry increased 13.8% in H1 over the same period of last year, according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).

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From January to June, the country shipped 2.26 million tons abroad. Dollar revenues from exports tumbled 1.25% to $3.38 billion, but revenues in reais climbed 21.7% to BRL 12.4 billion. For the year, ABPA is forecasting exports to be 8% higher in volume.

In June alone, poultry exports went up 4.1% in volume over the same month in 2015, with 411,900 tons, and generated $661.7 million in revenues, 3.5% less than the same month of the previous year. In reais, revenues in June totaled BRL 2.2 billion, 6.2% higher.

Despite the increase of exports in volume, the sector faced a complicated first half, according to ABPA’s assessment. Among the obstacles were the price of corn, which went beyond BRL 60 ($18.28), and the decline of the dollar price to BRL 3.30, which impacted the margins of the sector.

According to the association, some companies announced the elimination of shifts while others closed plants or suspended contracts for the leasing of properties.

For these reasons, ABPA revised downward its forecast on 2016 production from 13.5 million, made early in the year, to 13 million tons. It’s a 4% fall between one forecast to another. In this scenario, an increase in exports is considered to be a boost by the association.

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