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Peruvian mango exports surpass those of Brazil

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Peruvian mango exports have grown substantially and amounted to 133 million kilograms worth $196 million dollars in 2015.

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This volume is lower than the volume that Mexico exports, but it is greater than what Brazil ships abroad.

In 2015, the fresh mango's main target market was the Netherlands with 41% of the export value, followed by U.S. with 28%. Shipments to the Asian market did not exceed 1% of the total, a similar percentage to what Mexico and Brazil shipped to said market.

Because of their proximity, Mexico's main market destination is the US, where they send 88% of their shipments. Meanwhile, Brazil's main destination is the Netherlands, followed by the U.S. with 18%.

The Netherlands was the market that grew the most. The volume of fresh mango imports from Peru increased from 46 to 57 million kilograms last year, while the value went from $51 million to $79 million dollars, i.e. a 23% and 54% variation, respectively.

Similarly, sales prices increased by 26%, as it went from $1.11 to $1.39 dollars per kilo. The opposite is true for Brazil. Exports to their main market decreased by 2% as they shipped 65 million dollars, and a similar volume number at an average price of $1 per kilogram to the Netherlands.

Peru exported 38 million kilograms of fresh mango to the US, 4% less than 2014; however, the value of exports to the U.S. grew by 28%, to 55 million, so the average price was $1.43 per kilo.

Mexican exports to the U.S. went from 239 to 274 million dollars (+15%) and the volume exported increased from 250 to 280 million kilograms (+12%). The average price per kilo was $0.89 dollars.

In 2015, Peruvian frozen mango exports to the U.S. decreased over the previous year. The U.S. is the largest market destination for this type of mango, as it accounts for 82% of exports and a value of 44,000 million dollars; followed by Canada with 15%.

The biggest exporting company of mangoes, of both fresh and frozen ones, is Camposol SA.

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