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Breakfast nook ideas to cheer up your mornings

Martha Taylor-Brown |
If you have a formal dining room the chance is you need small place for a breakfast or to grab something to eat in a cozy environment. A breakfast nook is exactly what you need.

If there is one thing that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s a breakfast nook. Breakfast nooks are cozy spaces for everything from morning coffee to afternoon homework sessions and everything inbetween that includes some snack. All you need is a table, a bench and a space in your kitchen. The size of your breakfast nooks depends on the size of your kitchen but benches don’t have to be large and you can also use a chair or two to achieve a good look.

One of great examples how simple yet elegant a breakfast nook can look is Porto grey bench dining set. Featuring an attractive ceramic on glass top supported by matte black coated, metal ‘U’ shaped legs, the Porto has an industrial edge that is sure to enhance any contemporary setting. Due to its monochromatic appearance Porto will look great in any color scheme you may have in your home. Its modern look and minimalist design will make your breakfast a great experience.

Grey booth bench group is interesting because the table can be extended from 1.2m square to 1.2m x 1.6m which gives you an option to get additional space if you need it. The set beautiful white extending glass top and stainless steel heavy base. You can put the bench aside to get more space and still have a wonderful corner dining set. The look is a combination of retro and modern but it inclines more toward modern interiors and apartments.

And of course for all of you that love wood and rustic style, we must mention a breakfast set from Simply Discount Furniture. It features distressed rustic oak solids and veneers, natural slates, and solid oak top, a table of just the right site and storage under seat. So, everything a home owner could want from a natural piece of furniture. Small enough to find its place in any home and large enough for all breakfast necessities.

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