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Justina Blakeney wallpapers, relaxing jungle in your home

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Designer Justina Blakeney of Los Angeles is the creative force behind the popular wallpaper collections that connect people and nature.

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Eucalyptus is one of Justina's favorite botanical subjects due to its dynamic elements. Eucalyptus leaves come in all kinds of interesting shapes, seeds, pods, and intricate flowers. Eucalyptus also has a soothing effect, so it's the perfect addition to any home. Its cool blue and teal hues are balanced by the warm gold seeds and pods in that colorful wallpaper. That design features a pattern made from Justina Blakeney's original watercolor art. A bedroom would be ideal for Eucalyptus.

Phoenix is a genus of 14 species of palm trees that span the world, from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This botanical family represents the connection and diversity between plants and people all over the world. You may surround yourself with the lush and colorful botanical varieties and remember that all people enjoy same beauty, connected with nature. Phoenix wallpaper is calm and exciting at the same, ideal for an interesting roome but without too much hype or extravagance.

Justina Aja pattern is inspired by Yoruba mythology. Aja is a patron of the forest and the animals. This exuberant motif pays homage to plants with mammoth leaves that provide shade and berries that provide nutrition. That wallpaper will completely transform your space in a vibrant way where every part of it tells a different story. With it you'll have great time letting your imagination guides you through the jungle and ancient civilizations.

Justina Nana wallpaper was inspired by the regal leaf of the banana tree. The large leaf motif is meant to provide a lush, jungle-like statement to your home. Vibrant colors and unexpected combination of shapes evoke joy and calmness as you feel like in the middle of the nature. This wallpaper will most probably fit best in your home office where it will offer you the tranqulity you need every day. Its colors fit any design so it's one of those perfect pieces you have to have.

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