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Porcelanosa, modern kitchen designed in Spain

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Porcelanosa emotions kitchen collection from Spain features a wide range of different organizational and storage solutions.

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A modern and technically superior kitchen is designed and created to thrill. Porcelanosa’s kitchens have carefully planned range of finishes and surprising solutions, and the finest materials. The "plinths of emotions" kitchens have a minimum height of 6 cm, thus allowing for the possibility of higher base units and more storage space. Because the plinths are set back from the front of the units, they are concealed, creating the impression of a floating kitchen.

The plinths are made of extruded aluminium, a material with a high resistance to rust. They also feature a rubber seal along the bottom to protect them from small spillages of water. The plinths can be removed since they are clipped to the legs of the units, thus making it easy to clean the space underneath. Emotions kitchens module units have slightly increased dimensions and the interior space has been optimised to considerably increase storage capacity.

Porcelanosa refrigerator column modules is 100% configurable so a precise integration is achieved with a more refined aesthetics of any appliance because it does not require trimming or finishing to cover gaps in standard sizes. A concealed ventilation pedestal has been designed in order to replace the unattractive ventilation grilles. This pedestal supports the weight of the refrigerator and favours ventilation, increasing its useful life. The Emotions kitchen collection features a wide range of different organizational and storage solutions.

These include functional drawer organizers made of oak or steel to match the rest of the drawer and pull out fittings to optimize the available space, making it easier to store objects and to reach any utensil or food at any time. The carcasses of Emotions kitchen units are made of water resistant particleboard, with low formaldehyde emissions and thickness of 19 mm to guarantee a higher bending strength. Because they are water resistant, they are more resistant to moisture, providing greater protection and making them less vulnerable to the effects of water over the passage of time.

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