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Use colors to bring your kitchen to another level

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Who doesn’t love colors? Who doesn’t love kitchens? So, blend those two together and you'll have an easy upgrade to one of the most important rooms in your house.

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As a rule of thumb, if you want to make a statement and improve something to look elegant dark blue is always a good idea. Many colors work well with it and you can stick to blue itself using different hues and shades. The point is that you may use it extensively and there's almost no way to go over the top. And if you think you have too much blue in your kitchen, just add some white or some other bright color in a lighter shade and you're done. It's easy and you can do it yourself with little effort.

Yellow is another color that will bring life to your old kitchen but you should use it more carefully than blue. Cabinets painted yellow will make a statement just like that and if you have a lot of them think about painting some of them yellow and some using another, more subtle color. You don't have to match all cabinets, trust your eyes and if you think you already have enough yellow just stop and think about another color for other wooden parts of your kitchen. And, as usual, when you go too far, white details or backsplash will save you.

Red is another color that's great but strong. Although there are beautiful kitchen all painted in red, you may enhance you current kitchen with cleverly used red shelves. Red piece of furniture works well with almost every other color, and you can even paint random parts of storage red to get the effect you want. If you add some smaller details in red, say kitchen faucet, your kitchen will look like new and you will have a clear and obvious focal point.

Some say white is boring and having an all white kitchen is a sure but boring way to go. We disagree. The point is in details that may convert a usual white kitchen into something very beautiful. Corbels, countertops and decorative elements will transform anything to beautiful if used with style. They may be in white or in some dark color, depending on use, but those small additions will make your kitchen great just like that. That can be added to an existing kitchen so there's no reason not to try them.

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