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Tokyo Design Studio, the perfect addition to any modern kitchen

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Japan is home of great design hidden in simplicity. And, as we all know, the hardest thing to do is to present something subtle and delicate in a simple yet glorious way.

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So, how to find great tableware from Japan if you don't have a lifetime to travel there and explore hundreds of designers, small and big, to find that perfect set for your desk? Thankfully, teeblume of Germany did that job for you: they collected finest examples of Japan tableware under Tokyo Design Studio. From simple to more elaborate collection, there is no doubt that Tokyo Design Studio has something that will delight you and your guest. and Nippon White collection of Asian porcelain tableware is definitively a collection you start with because of its great white relief design, and bowls and plate for any occasion.

Tono Tamaki collection is similar to Nippon White but its line is distinctive and modern. Made in black and white Tono Tamaki plates, bowls and mugs are very interesting: at the first sight that collection will fit best in a modern house, but if you look at it more closely you will realize that it will find its place in a range of applications. From a simple breakfast set, to something that will welcome your guests during a special evening dinner, Tono Tamaki works equally well.

Starwave collection is a colorful collection of Asian porcelain tableware if you want more colors on your table. But make no mistake: it's not typical tableware with colors added just because, its subtle lines and shapes show that its designers went into a great length to create something joyful but without going too far. Colors are subtle too and Starwave will work well as a standalone collection or as something you will combine with other pieces of tableware.

If you incline to European motifs but still want something of a Japanese style, Fleur de Ligne is for you. Tokyo Design Studio managed to create typical fleur de ligne design with a Japanese twist. A range of bowls have a typical Japanese shape, while plates are designed in a rich, yet not-too-far way. The main color is blue, of course, and it will combine perfectly with the colors of your food. If you want a combination of Far East with something more close to the Old World, take a look at Fleur de Ligne.

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