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Nalynn Dolan Caine |
A hopeful heart and an open mind are the best travelling companions, someone said. This week meet beautiful Upolu island, extraordinary private Frégate Island and less known country Mongolia.

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Upolu is a volcanic Samoa's island situated in the west Pacific ocean. It is the second largest island by area with capital city Apia on the northern coast of Upolu with population of more than 40.000 people. In Apia you will find range of places to visit. For the start visit small Samoa Museum on Beach Road to find something about Samoa culture and religion. You are probably familiar with the story about the Rain and the Sun.

Interesting fact is that the story comes from Polynesian culture. The story tells about the competition between Sun and Rain to decide who of them is stronger. To proove each other who's the strongest, they tested their strength on the man to see who of them can force him to remove his coat. The Sun shone strongly and the man removed the coat. Then the Rain start to fall, but man wrapped its coat even harder. Religion is the most important aspect of the Samoan culture and it is not surprising that motto "Samoa is founded on God" is strongly incorporated in the culture. When you are there, choose Sinalei as your place for staying. It is situated only 30 minutes drive from Apia it you will explore more closely when you decide to experience its night life, bars and colourful market. In Sinalei you will experience Samoa in all its beauty better than what thousand of pictures may present.

Just 20 minutes flight from the largest Seychelles's island Mahé lies Frégate Island named after the local frigate-bird. During the 16th and 17th centuries the island was settled by pirates and today it is not unusual to see people searching beaches with metal detector in quest for treasure. There are no data that any of them back home with treasure more valuable than a wife/husband, but who knows, you never know what kind of surprises life can arrange for you. Today, Frégate Island is a private island.

Except luxury, it offers the most beautiful beaches in the world, unique flora and fauna and if you are lucky you will see Hawkabill and Green turtle that visit the island during eggs nesting. Interesting fact connected with Green turtle is that unlike most other turtles Green turtle cannot retract its head or fins. From the pirate story to turtle story in one move. Well, both sides dig so there are some tiny connection between both facts. If we now forget digging for a moment and focus on your dear hosts, you will enjoy in the view that The Rock Spa offers, perched on a cliff-top plateau or maybe even take a small aircraft to see all that beauty from the sky. Frégate has 16 villas with 40 people at most. You can meet them all or withdraw to one of the beaches and enjoy in peace.

From the sunny dream islands we lead you to completely different land. Mongolia is situated between China and Russia and it is the nineteenth largest country in the world, six times the size of Britain, with a population of around 2.9 million people. This is the country known by terrifying but brilliant warrior Genghis Khan and the most powerful empire world had even seen. When you look at the pictures of the steppes and mountains that surrounds that inaccessible land you can hear sounds of sabre fighting, voices, horse clumping, to see a dust and a face expression of a warriors, to see the wardrobe, to feel the strength and power and all that pictures and sounds almost make you shudder.

Man's joy is in wide open space, Mongolian will traditionally say. And, yes, the land is still wide and rough, there are no proud warriors any more, but there are horses, beautiful buildings and the most important of all, there are nice and simply people. You can choose to stay in the some tent, but you will search alone for that kind of accommodation because you are used to different kind of recommendation from us. At the borders of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, some 50 kilometres north of the capital Ulaanbaatar, lies luxury and elegant 5-stars Terelj Hotel Resort and Spa. Available from this summer, that pearl of Mongolia wait open-heartedly for you to offer its hospitality.

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