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This time we visited Edinburg and met a nice guy named Islay and probably because we spent too much time with him our trip to San Diego avoke some memories.

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Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, the capital town of Scotland, is one of Europe's most popular touristic destinations. Generally speaking, Scotland is the country you should not miss if you plan to visit Europe. Before you start to explore the city put your baggage in 5 stars The Howard Hotel located in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town. Among other things, there will be the butler or collection of butlers on your disposal and to quote: "You will find them very useful, whatever your reason for being in Edinburgh". How useful they could be when they emphasize that? But, let's go walking. To satisfy your empty stomach and at the same time to see Edinburgh from a high visit The Tower Restaurant and Terrace, fancy tower building that is the part of The Museum of Scotland and enjoy one of the hottest spot in town.

For shoppingholic walk through Princess Street which is full of shops of all kinds, visit some bar to taste truly Scottish whiskey brands as Islay, Lighter Lowland or Speyside and throw away the false one you have at your home. Try to dance ceilidh, traditional Scottish and Irish dances. If your sense for rhythm worries you, please, those are dances of happy nations, how hard they can be?

If your legs want to walk further visit Edinburgh Castle, breathless round shaped castle and listen what kilt dressed guide with Scottish accent has to say. Supposedly that tours are very funny and educative so don't miss them. After that visit a museum or two, some of them have very original names: Museum of Childhood or Writers Museum, or chose some ordinary one like Royal Museum or Museum of Edinburgh. If you like guided tours and have problems with sleeping try Ghost Hunter Night Walking Tour after which you'll probably have heavier sleeping problems, on the other side maybe they pass. For the end be a real tourist and visit Loch Ness and surprise the world with some new spectacular Nessie picture. We are already impatient...

San Diego, California
San Diego or more precisely Old Town San Diego is considered to be the birthplace of California. Everything started in 1769 when father Junipero Serra established the very first mission on that site, and more or less that was the start of California colonization. What you will see in San Diego? First of all that's kilometres of sandy beaches, thousands of shops and restaurants where you will enjoy in delicious meals, many antique shops and lot of attractions. Maybe you didn't know but San Diego is the home of the largest military and defence complex in the world contributing with nearly 10 billion dollars annually to the regional economy. Very nice number, indeed.

San Diego is also a host of more than 90 golf courses in the city and area, many historic buildings and lot of churches. An anegdote says that a long time ago when San Diego priests established baseball team San Diego Priests they realised that if they like to win they will need more new good players.

Since San Diego is close to Mexican border very soon they got fresh Mexican priests (padres). After a while padres overcame priests by numbers and today San Diego Padres shake the roof. Truth or not, my poandpo partner was wearing their T-shirt for years when I throw it away for it looked very threadbarely. Must I say that we didn't speak days after that "incident"? My deep apologies to him and to The Pads.

Just minutes from pristine beaches, numerous shopping areas and restaurants, lies The Hilton San Diego/Del Mar hotel, beautiful resort-style hotel perfect for resting, enjoying and also for working if you must. The hotel is perfectly situated near many San Diego attractions so there are no excuses to miss them. In Museum of Man you will find many interesting exhibitions so try to visit it, go to Aircraft Carrier Museum to see engine room, ship's bridge, flight and hangar deck etc. On your way home buy San Diego Padres T-shirt for a memory on San Diego and poandpo.

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