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Nalynn Dolan Caine |
If you are tired of being Jack of all trades and master of none, now is the perfect time to prove to your household that you are irreplaceable.

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Pacific, Fuji
Where to go when you're out? Well, clever man thinks first, then acts. Never mind, you have my attention. My advice is - buy an island, who cares. Precisely - rent it. I suggest Turtle Island at Fuji. It has it all: from food, beverage, alcohol (not for medical purpose), 14 beaches... You just need to enjoy. And this is not the end. As I see, each luxurious "bure" has a writing desk. Coincidence? This is the significant sign, I think. Your household felt lost without you until now. So, write them and invitation. What you will do alone, anyway?

Europe, Estonia
Did you know that Talin in Estonia was the headquarter of the KGB? It used the tower of Talin Sant Olaf church for receiving and transmitting signals. But we take you to the other tower, to Kiek in de Kok, translated: "peep into the kitchen". Kiek in de Kok was built in the late 15th century and hailed as one of the mighty defensive bastions of its time. Because of its impressive height its watchmen were able to spy down to kitchens and tower got the name. Today visitors can climb up to the top for some excellent views or look settled exhibits about Talin history.

When you are in Talin be sure to taste the beer with honey. Of course, don't forget to buy a souvenir. Socks with flakes pattern will be the perfect choice. Very Estonian.

Asia, Japan
Mountainous Kyushu island is the third largest island of Japan. There are many signs of tectonic activity on Kyushu, including numerous areas of hot springs. The most famous of these are in Beppu, on the east shore. If Fuji beaches is too cold for you Beppu offers natural hot bath. The ponds at the countryside around the town are appropriately known as "hell" for their scalding water and violent shades of crimson, cobalt blue or milky-white.

Beppu is Japan's onsen capital (onsen means "hot spring") with the largest volume of hot water in the world aside from Yellowstone in the USA and the largest number of hot spring sources in Japan.

Europe, Belgium
The town centre of Bruge, Belgium, dates back to the 13th century and if road takes you there walk its streets. Bruge is crisscrossed by canals and embellished with charmingly tiny chocolate shops. If you like chocolate, stay a day or two or you will miss many perfect chocolate shops. You will find some of the world's finest handmade chocolates in Bruge and the shop's window will be the first thing that will attract you to go in.

In Bruge chocolate stores are on every corner of every street. So, we can say that Bruge is really Choco heaven. Life is rarely so simple and - perfect.

Europe, England
Claridge's Hotel is situated on the corner of Brook Street and Davies Street, within easy reach of Hyde Park, Park Lane, Bond Street and Oxford Street. Opened in 1812 as a hotel for guests that want to stay longer, its apartments were let by the month. In the heart of West End you can enjoy in one of its bedrooms, suites, or penthouse with nice view of the London skyline. One half of the Claridge's is redesigned in Victorian and the other half in art deco style, so you can choose what suits you better. Of course, there are every modern convenience that you'd expect from a top-class hotel.

Among the all amenities we'll just mention "Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's", a fine restaurant in which chef Mark Seargeant do his magic. And if you just want to enjoy the famous afternoon tea Claridge's is the right place for that.

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