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Internal or external CEO?

December 19, 2010
Is it better to promote an internal manager to the top spot or your company should search for someone new and fresh? The answer is: nobody knows the answer, only trial and error can give the solution to this problem.

Basic rules for leading a company

November 28, 2010
There are many books and many checklists for good managers. Fortunately, you can keep it simple. You don't have to learn thousands of advice, it's enough to follow a few simple rules and your company will be heading to the top very quickly.

Don't complain, work!

November 21, 2010
It's so easy to talk about incompetent boss, lousy colleagues, bad company strategy, harsh competition, uncomfortable shoes, too big suit, bad weather... But that will take you nowhere. Did you ever think how to change circumstances to work for you?

Stop for a while and think

November 14, 2010
Working hard every day is a key for success but you must pay attention not to be overwhelmed by everyday's duties because you will forget where your company is going to. Fortunately, the cure for that is simple.

The right time to change the job

October 24, 2010
It's a common situation: you have a job and you find no satisfaction in it. Still, you are not searching for the new job and you are going down deeper and deeper. Well, we have the good news for you: the best time to change the job is - now.

The first and the strongest

October 17, 2010
There is one thing a top manager should never forget: he is the first on the battlefield and the last to surrender. Here's what you need to do to gain trust as a true leader that doesn't think about surrendering at all.

Think first, speak later

October 10, 2010
While working and collecting experience, you can subconsciously learn some things that can be devastating for your career. Go through our list and if you find yourself in just one of these situations - change you behaviour at once.

Let technology work for you

October 3, 2010
You know how unproductive meetings can be if you don't set firm rules. Now, if you need to cooperate with people from other cities or countries, be aware that the web meeting can turn to real horror if you don't prepare it well.

Don’t control every detail

September 26, 2010
Did you ever ruin a key presentation despite all your experience? If you didn't don't worry, you will. If you did, keep reading to see why that's happening and how to avoid it in the future.

I don't know but I'll find out

September 12, 2010
When to say "I don't know" to your superior and what Captain Picard has to do with running the company? Every manager must know the answer to those questions and we'll help you with that.

Three key managers

September 5, 2010
There are three managerial positions that must be filled with the utmost attention because they are the core around which the company grows. Unfortunately, too many company owners are trying to get along without them and the result can be a real disaster.

How to survive dangerous questions

August 29, 2010
Your workplace is not just about expertise and hard work, it's also the place when your communication skills can make or break all your efforts or even career. Let us see how to be smart and avoid communications errors that can be devastating for you.
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