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There's no such thing as a bad boss

April 11, 2010
In every company there is a "bad boss" and if you look more closely, it seems that there's no good boss in the whole wide world. But, that's far from the truth: the problem is most likely in employees.

Team management

April 4, 2010
To lead a team can be a frustrating experience but if you divide the problem in a few easy steps you can manage any project with ease.

How to minimize the damage

March 28, 2010
A crisis can hit any company any time. In fact, it will hit - the only question is how hard. However, with a few simple steps you can be prepared and minimize the damage.

Decision making in crisis

March 21, 2010
Decision making is always a hard task and in times of economic uncertainties it is even harder because much more is at stake.

How to avoid the most common mistakes

March 14, 2010
When you become a manager or step in a new company, one thing is for sure: you will make mistakes, that's life. The wisdom is to learn from them and to learn from mistakes of others.

You are good, now what?

February 28, 2010
Every business consultant heard the following question more than once: "Nobody knows me, what should I do?" If you conduct even the smallest research, you will find that even great professionals can be shy and without self-promotion.

Make office gossip work for you

February 21, 2010
Although virtually every chief executive doesn't like office gossip, it can be very useful - if you put it under control.

Hit the ground running

February 14, 2010
It is absolutely acceptable to change the company every few years, but one of the key questions is how to hit the ground running.

What to do to be promoted?

January 3, 2010
If you are actively working on your career at some point you'll go to you superior and ask for a promotion? But, how to choose the right moment and when you are actually ready for the next step?

Is democracy good for business?

December 13, 2009
The system which reflects the will of majority is very good for society, but when you look at the great business achievements it suddenly comes to mind that a kind of dictatorship is more appropriate in the long run.

How to assemble a successful negotiating team

November 29, 2009
You are leading your team in negotiations with a very important client. Everything goes just fine and smooth until your colleague says "OK, what more can we do to please you?!" At that very moment your team member destroyed your initiative and probably the deal.

CEO between the hammer and the anvil

November 22, 2009
Although it may seem weird at the first sight, at the largest companies CEOs are not just under pressure to perform well but they are also very close to do something illegal.
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