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How to be tough but fair

July 11, 2010
Every manager knows that sometimes showing the door to an employee is the only choice. That's a tough move for both sides but with a few clear warnings it can be avoided.

How to launch a successful product

July 4, 2010
Well-known companies have well-known products bringing them a steady cash flow. To stay ahead of the competition, they introduce new products every year and - more than 65 percent of them fail. What to do to avoid that?

How to make future leaders

June 20, 2010
Your best employees are the stars who give your company that extra step ahead of the competition. But be aware: instead of getting a great managers you may be seeing them leaving.

How to go to the top

June 13, 2010
On your way from the bottom to the top, at one moment you will be in the middle management. Be careful: you could easily stay there forever.

You can't sit on too many chairs

June 6, 2010
To be a member of the board is a very demanding job because you participate in the creation of company strategy. So, is it possible to sit on more than one board at the same time and still do your best?

Be your own company

May 23, 2010
So, you are an expert in your field and your company just closed the doors. Instead of looking for another job, why don't you try to be a consultant?

Short and productive meetings

May 16, 2010
Meetings are one aspect of a business life that can't be avoided. However, there are two problems with meetings: many just hate them, and they are time-wasters. But it doesn't have to be that way.

How to negotiate your salary

May 9, 2010
It's a crisis and layoffs all around you. So, if you are offered a job you will accept it no matter what's the salary, right? Well, that's wrong - you can do better than that.

Marketing luxury products in crisis

May 2, 2010
The market for luxury product is hit by crisis just like any other market, but in fact it's in a much trickier position. The marketing strategies must be chosen very carefully.

The danger of merger

April 25, 2010
We are in crisis and that's a good time for mergers and acquisitions. But, M&A can go both ways: it can bring value to shareholders, but it can also ruin both companies.

When marketing fails

April 18, 2010
No matter how good your product is, the bad marketing decision can ruin all your efforts and your company, too. Here are some of the biggest marketing mistakes of all times.

There's no such thing as a bad boss

April 11, 2010
In every company there is a "bad boss" and if you look more closely, it seems that there's no good boss in the whole wide world. But, that's far from the truth: the problem is most likely in employees.
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